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The development of the World Wide Web and Search engines has brought the rich and ever rising pile of data and information on our finger tips with the facility of web research services. On top of all, web research services is planned to shore up various management functions such as strategic planning, decision-making, marketing campaigns, public relations and promotion, and information management in totaling to documentations management.

Klockwork Outsource is one of the leading web research service companies and research data-entry company in India offering full-fledged marketing research services with leading loyalty dimension programs and customer satisfaction survey, lost customer analysis, high-tech interviewing and data collected works.

We as a team are always committed to offer best in class service to our clients. We will offer you a surefire way of getting the best outsourced web research service that will cater all your requirements in relation to any web research project in India.

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  • Web Data Mining and listing
  • Address and E-mail compilation
  • Market research
    • Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
    • MS Word (*.doc)
    • Acrobat Portable Document format (*PDF)


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