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KlockWork Outsource is a top React Native application development company in India with experience in developing cross-platform apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies. We develop innovatively designed cross-platform mobile applications using our React Native capabilities. React Native, one of the latest offerings from Facebook, is well adopted across the industry due to an improved user experience, shorter development time leading to faster time to market and improved return on investment.

Our expertise in React Native Mobile app development helps you implement complex solutions at a fast pace. Our expert React Native developers help you Reduce the overall mobile app development time with our single reusable code.

Advantages of React Native Application Development

Single Codebase and Reusable Code

React Native is based on JavaScript, which developers use for both web and mobile platforms, presenting a single codebase that works across both platforms. Additionally, nearly 90% of the existing code can be reused for iOS, Android application development, eliminating the need to build separate apps for each platform.

Pre-Built Components

Since it is an Open Source platform, React Native provides access to a library of prebuilt components that developers can use. The development process considerably speeds up as in many cases written code for specific functions needed for the app development already exists in the library and can be used for free.

Simple UI

Compared to other native frameworks such as AngularJS and MeteorJS, React Native is mobile friendly. User Interfaces of React Native apps are not only more responsive but also have quicker load times, providing a smoother experience.

Live & Hot Reloading

React Native helps developers with the option of Live reloading and Hot reloading, that simplifies the process of making changes to the code, as with these options, the developer doesn't need to reload app manually to see changes and thus saves time.

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